Online communication and advertising

Your website

Your website reflects your organisation. It is the first thing that people will have a look at from the moment they will hear from you. It must reflect your state of mind, objectives and actions, but also be user friendly, regularly updated and nicely designed.

Proposed services :

  • Design and development of your website
  • Domain name and emails alias registration and activation
  • Content draft based on documentation
  • Teaching you how to update website content

Social networks

LinkedIn, Facebook, Netlog, Youtube and all current popular websites are not only a way to keep in touch with your friends or share amusing content. Social networks are now the main used channels to communicate, whatever information you want to share.

Proposed services :

  • Community building and management on the web 2.0.

Ad solutions

You may not have the means to pay for a bannering campaign that will allow you to be present on websites visited by the people you want to reach. But did you ever try adwords systems, tags or simple announces ? Be aware there are cheap ways to do advertising and be better referenced on the web.

Proposed services :

  • Advertising communication strategy
  • Implementation of advertising campaigns

Video maketing

Images sometimes speak better that words. Online video marketing is a growing instrument to diffuse clear and innovative messages.

Proposed services :

  • Videos and animations
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