Legal, administrative and financial issues

Constitution under ASBL Form

It is more and more frequent to only set up an online platform or just gather people around a table to discuss the problems that need to be solved. This is not enough. To move on with donations, as well as credibility to face institutions and companies, you need a legal structure.

Proposed services :

  • Office Address
  • Drafting of Statutes
  • Registration and publication
  • VAT number obtaining
  • Bank account opening

Yearly declarations

Declarations are fastidious, but need to be done regularly. VAT incomes, statutes changes, yearly accounts, renewal of the Board, new members, all of this needs to be transmitted to the competent administration on due time. Do not wait. If you start postponing your official declarations, it will soon become a big mess.

Proposed services :

  • Yearly declarations


It often happens that all matters relative to accountancy are delegated to the treasurer. Warning : a professional accountant is most of the time necessary to save money and deal with tax offices.

Proposed services :

  • Accountancy
  • VAT Declarations


Proposed service :

  • Community Trademark Registration
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